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Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum Introduces New Retro-styled Jacket

latest addition to the growing catalog of retro-style clothing and
products from the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum is a new, 60/40
wool-viscose letterman jacket.
Based on an old, original jacket
from the 1950s found in the Museum's collection, the new jacket
features a unique wool weave that just has to betouched. The sleeves
are decorated with white leather edged with silver piping. 

the back there's an authentic chain-stitched logo representative of
NHRA's original lettering complete with the old Hollywood address. The
leftfront chest is decorated with a sewn-on patch featuring NHRA's
first logo used in 1951. 

Besides the two
leather-edged outside slash pockets, there's an ample inside pocket
accented with wool for wallet or cell phone. 

fun and warm: the ideal jacket for a rod run, drag race or hanging out.
Sizes range from small to XXL including tall sizes in large, XLand XXL.
The jacket is priced at just $185.00, plus shipping and handling, for
all sizes. 
proceeds from the sale of the jackets go directly to support the Wally
Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum presented by the Automobile Club
ofSouthern California, located at 1101 W. McKinley Ave., Bldg. 3A,
Pomona, Calif. It's also available from the Museum's online gift store
at www.museum.nhra.com or, by calling 909.622.2133.

RHS Announces Availability Of ZEX & Champion Performance Spark Plugs

New spark plugs are specifically designed for street and racing applications

Head Service™, the legendary innovator of cylinder head technology,
announces the release of application-specific spark plugs for their
lineup of high performance aluminum and cast iron cylinder heads. For
street performance applications, ZEX™ High Performance Spark Plugs are
offered, and for racing usage a specially designed line of Champion
spark plugs with an assortment of heat ranges is available.

ZEX™ spark plugs feature “Igniter Core™ Technology,” which allows them
to conduct electricity over five times better than platinum and nearly
three times better than iridium. This results in more horsepower
producing spark energy and greater detonation resistance than either of
these materials, and why they are a natural choice for RHS™. Champion,
a great name in advanced racing spark plug design, has created a line
of top performing racing plugs for RHS™ that incorporates Heat-Active™
Alloy, resulting in maximum heat dissipation and conductivity to
maintain stable operating temperatures.

For more information
about the RHS™ lineup of ZEX™ and Champion High Performance Spark Plugs
or any other RHS™ product, call us at 1-877-776-4323, or visit us
online at www.racingheadservice.com

COMP Cams Endure-X Solid Roller Lifters For GM Gen III

geniii20lifters.jpgInnovative new lifter design yields weight savings and maximum reliability for solid roller-equipped Gen III engines

In their never-ending quest to provide the most advanced valve train
products in the world, the COMP Cams® engineering team has recently
introduced a new, improved solid roller tappet to the Endure-X™ line. A
weight savings of 14 grams per tappet over the earlier #8950 Gen III
solid roller tappets means that these ultra-precision quality lifters
will allow your Gen III engine to rev even higher – thanks to
significantly reduced valve train weight. An enhanced, pressure-fed
oiling design, including EDM Oil Injection™ to the roller axle and
bearing, ensures long life, even when used in a street application. The
new COMP Cams® Gen III Solid Roller Lifters also feature a Tool Steel
axle, precision-sized needle bearing rollers and rebuildable design to
ensure years of dependable service in even the most demanding of

The new COMP Cams® Gen III Solid Roller Tappets are suitable for
applications ranging from high performance street to high rpm drag/road
race. They are available individually or in sets of 16 for 1997 to
current LS1, LS2 and LS6 engines and can be run with COMP Cams® Gen III
street and race solid roller camshafts or with any other Gen III solid
roller camshaft.

For more information about the COMP Cams® Solid Roller Tappets for Gen
III Chevrolet engines or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at
1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at www.compcams.com

TCI Max-Cool Transmission Coolers

max-coolers.jpgInnovative plate and fin design generates internal turbulence for exceptional heat transfer

Heat has always been the #1 cause of premature automatic transmission
failure. A new TCI® Max-Cool™ Transmission Cooler is the most effective
way to keep your transmission cool and extend its durability and
performance. Available in four different sizes, the new TCI® Max-Cool™
Transmission Coolers utilize a special “plate and fin” design, which
reduces transmission temperatures by 33% over tube-style transmission
The new TCI® Max-Cool™ Transmission Coolers feature pre-drilled
mounting plates and 3/8-inch push-on fittings to make installation easy
and greatly improve durability. Available in sizes from 4-inches x
11-inches x 3/4-inch through 9 7/8-inches x 11-inches x 3/4-inch, TCI®
Max-Cool™ Transmission Coolers are the most compact, space efficient
coolers you can buy today.

For more information about the TCI® Max-Cool™ Transmission Coolers or
any other TCI® products, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit us online
at www.tciauto.com

Lunati Big Block Chevy Sledgehammer Crankshafts

is proud to announce the availability of their big block Chevy
Sledgehammer crankshafts.  Part number BO425IN with a 4.000” stroke and
P/N BP425IN with a 4.250” stroke are designed for street and strip
applications where Lunati quality and budget mindedness counts.

Sledgehammer cranks are forged from 4340 steel.  All pins arms and main
bearing surfaces that are all standard big block Chevy size and width,
no undersize.  Pin arms are drilled with lightening holes removing more
inertia weight.  Lunati profiles the pin arms and chamfers the oil
holes for consistent oiling and film retention.  All counterweights are
clearanced for a 6.385” connecting rod.  Each crank is nitride
hardened, receives a sonic cleaning, and finished off with a protective
oil coating allowing direct installation right out of the box after

For more information contact LUNATI, 11126 Willow Ridge Drive, Olive
Branch, MS 38654.  Telephone:  662-892-1500.  Or visit us on the web: www.lunaticamshafts.com

Holley Ultra HP Billet Mechanical Marine Fuel Pump

Performance Products is proud to announce the availability of their new
Ultra HP mechanical marine duty fuel pump for big block Chevy engines,
P/N 12-454-40.  This Ultra HP mechanical fuel pump is designed
specifically for marine applications and meets or exceeds all coast
guard regulations.

Holley Ultra HP mechanical fuel pumps are CNC machined from 6061-T6
billet aluminum for durability and good looks.  The billet aluminum is
hard coat anodized for corrosion resistance and will stand a lifetime
of service in a fresh and salt water envirnoments.  The Ultra HP
mechanical pumps flow 200 (low pressure) and 225 (high pressure)
gallons per hour capable of fueling up to 1,350 horsepower. 

The 3-valve design utilizes high-pressure check valves for stable fuel
pressure and high volume flow through out the engines RPM range.  The
fuel pump bases are independent of each other.  Bases can be rotated
from the top for ease of installation and to accommodate any fuel
system plumbing layout.  The Holley Ultra HP mechanical fuel pump
design makes them rebuildable to ensure a lifetime of performance. 

For more information contact Holley, P.O. Box 10360, Bowling Green, KY.
42102, Telephone 270-782-2900.  For nearest dealer: 1-800-HOLLEY-1.  Or
visit us on the web: www.holley.com

B&M Black Out Gauges

for a way to update that 1980’s gauge cluster? B&M’s all new Black
Out Gauges offer a completely new look in gauge design.  When the
ignition key is switched off, the gauges black out and reveal only
their aluminum-anodized bezel.  Once the ignition key is switched to
the on position, the gauges come to life!  High intensity LED back
lighting provides a gauge that is easily readable with a unique
A 270-degree sweep on the dial face indicates accurate readings
throughout the entire range on these precision electronic gauges. 
Light blue numbers with a red LED pointer provide a dynamic look for
simple viewing, especially in low light.  The transmission temperature
gauge sweeps from 120-degrees F through 300-degrees F, and the water
temperature gauge sweeps from 100-degrees F through 250-degrees F. 
B&M’s Black Out Gauges include full mounting hardware and
installation instructions and are designed to fit any standard 2-1/16”
gauge pod or existing gauge hole in an instrument panel.

B&M Racing and Performance Products has been the leader of high
performance automatic transmissions, shifters and cooling products for
more than 50 years. In nearly all divisions of motorsports, B&M is
the supplier of quality engineering and race-winning technology.

For more information contact: B&M Racing & Performance
Products, Dept CP, 9142 Independence Avenue Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA
Ph: 818-882-6422 Fax: 818-882-6694 or on the web at www.bmracing.com


Super Street Series Carburetors From Quick Fuel Technology

superstreet.jpgWish you had racecar quality carburetion for your streetcar?
The performance carb specialists at Quick Fuel Technology have just granted
your wish with their new Super Street series starting at just $484.99!

Super Street carbs feature a Proform® aluminum main body
specially constructed with a solid state electric choke for year-round easy
starting.  Billet metering blocks
eliminate cross-well bleeding that can occur with die cast blocks, and also
provide consistent precision metering. Dual metering blocks are provided in all
applications to accommodate a race style four corner idle system as well as
superior secondary metering. A billet throttle body, fitted with QFT’s
proprietary Teflon™ coated throttle shafts and low profile button head screws,
coupled with Teflon® coated throttle shaft ribbons, ensures light pedal effort
and greater airflow. QFT’s exclusive lightweight contoured aluminum float bowls
contain clear sight windows for easy float level adjustment.

Thanks to their aluminum construction, QFT’s new Super
Street carbs are over five pounds lighter then their conventional zinc
counterparts. These high performance carbs utilize either “multi-link” tunable
mechanical secondary activation, or Quick Fuel’s Quick Set adjustable vacuum
secondary housing. All QFT SS Series carburetors accept dual feed fuel lines
and use commonly available service and tuning components for easy installation
and simplified maintenance. With sizes available from 650cfm through 830cfm,
there is a Super Street application for almost every engine.

For more information, contact: Quick Fuel Technology, 129
Dishman Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Phone (270) 793-0900. Fax (270)
793-0951. Visit Quick Fuel Technology on the web at:
www.quickfueltechnology.com or e-mail the fuel delivery experts at
[email protected].


Holley Commander Wide Band 02 Upgrade Kit

is proud to announce the availability of its new Wide Band O2 upgrade
kit for Commander 950 Systems with the Bosch Sensor, P/N 534-197.

new wide band O2 kits plug directly into the Commander 950 harness and
allow for infinite tuning to achieve maximum horsepower and torque. 
The wide band kit makes tuning a snap by giving instant feed back to
the commander ECU and the tuner.  The tuner can see actual air/fuel
ratios from 10:1 to 18:1. 

Kit includes a small weather sealed unit for convenient mounting,
budget minded Bosch LSU4 sensor, and a certificate to upgrade an older
950 ECU to the Commander “PRO” software.

For more information contact Holley Tech Service, P.O. Box 10360,
Bowling Green, KY, 42101-7360, Telephone 270-781-9741.  For nearest
dealer: 1-800-HOLLEY-1.  Or visit us on the web: www.holley.com

Spectre Performance Fabricated Valve Covers

spectre_fab_valve_covers.jpgSpectre Performance introduces its new line of fabricated polished
aluminum valve covers. Machined flat bases ensure positive sealing;
engineered to tight tolerances and hand polished to mirror finish for a
look that’s better than dipped chemical polishing.

Spectre Performance fabricated polished aluminum valve covers are made
from lightweight aircraft grade 6061 T-6 laser cut aluminum with
precision TIG welds eliminating any distortion or clearance issues
lesser quality brands may have. Small Block Chevy (short, tall, or
center bolt with billet rails), Big Block Chevy, and Small Block Ford
valve covers are available now. These valve covers are shipped complete
with all hardware and are ready to bolt on with pre-cut 1.22” breather
tube holes. Nylon reinforced gaskets and push-in breathers are also
available from Spectre Performance.

Whatever your application, Spectre Performance fabricated polished
aluminum valve covers provide the look, style and performance you need.
Retail starting at $99.99. To find out more about Spectre Performance
performance products or to check for local retailers in your area visit